It’s the entrepreneur’s access to the creative freelance economy.


TINA is an all service anti-agency designed to provide individuals and start-ups with the same level of leading brand development as “big” agencies, but without the “big” price tag. While agencies offer great solutions for the world's biggest businesses, they are not designed to serve start-up companies or individuals.


Why are start-ups and agencies mismatched?


These often prove fatal for "micro-clients,” who end up paying for more than they need and don’t always get what they want.


The Agency Exodus


Our industry’s top creative talent are fleeing agencies because they are rarely paid what they’re worth, and they lack the agency (ironically) and the flexibility to work on the most innovative up-start brands.


With both clients and creative talent unsatisfied, the agency model is breaking down, but nothing has emerged to fix it...


Hello, TINA

TINA is not an agency; it’s more like an agent.

An agent creating the interdependence of independents.

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TINA empowers impactful ideas with the beautiful brands they deserve by building nimble creative teams of the world’s top independent freelance talent for today’s next great start-ups.


 How does TINA work?

TINA can do a lot of things, but most new businesses are looking for…


Let me direct you to the right people to create your perfect team.

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Let me help you draft your path to success.

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I lead you all the way to the promised land – a successfully completed project.

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The Bench

Some of the top creatives in the industry live here, and they're excited to meet you. If you think you're one of them I'd love to hear from you! 


Still have questions?

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