Why should I work with TINA?


While agencies offer great solutions for the world's biggest businesses, they are not designed to serve start-up companies or individuals. Their high price tags, lengthy timelines, and organizational inaccessibility often prove fatal for smaller, more independent clients. As an agency's "micro-client," you often feel undervalued, under-prioritized, pay for more than you need and don’t always get what you want. This is more true the smaller and more independent you are.

TINA was designed for brands and individuals that want to move quickly and make an impact. I help you build your brand and grow your business by keeping things simple, efficient, and powered by the best talent in the business.

TINA embodies the spirit of progress, in which independent thinkers can work and grow and change – without being restricted by outdated ways of working. That's how the magic happens: when we create a collaboration powered by the independence, drive and outsized talent of everyone involved.





Today's most exciting brands are nimble and entrepreneurial – and they are demanding a new set of solutions. These independent innovators are looking for access to the best creative talent to help them make their mark on the world – but navigating the freelance economy can be difficult if you lack the expertise and connections of an industry insider.

Enter, TINA.

TINA represents a new model. A model that breaks down the barriers that once made collaboration between client and creative an expensive, time-consuming, and prohibitive prospect.

TINA has built a robust bench of the top talent around the world through word of mouth referrals. With the world’s top talent on the Bench, TINA harnesses the power of partnership over convoluted process by connecting clients directly to handpicked freelancers, who are equally as passionate about the project at hand.


What is the creative freelance economy?


Our industry’s top creative talent are fleeing agencies because they are rarely paid what they’re worth, and they lack the agency (ironically) and the flexibility to work on the most innovative up-start brands.


This new creative ecosystem means that agencies are now engaging independent freelance creative talent to meet creative demands, bringing inflated overhead costs for clients.


Why are start-ups and agencies mismatched?


These often prove fatal for agency’s "micro-clients,” who end up paying for more than they need and don’t always get what they want.

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What is your business model?


Transparent Pricing.

Each of my project solutions, Compass, Roadmap, and Guide, have a clear cost structure that makes it easy to understand what you are paying for every step of the way.

When I match you with the best talent for your project, I there is a 10% up-front finder’s fee on each Scope of Work that you sign with your chosen creative partner(s), then you two (or few) take it from there. All the work that it takes to investigate and assemble the team best-suited for your particular creative needs is included in that finder's fee.

Any work beyond that the Compass "match-making service will simply be billed at my hourly rate of $150/hr. This model remains consistent across all of my offerings, including if you hire me to build your Roadmap or be your project Guide. So an example end-to-end Guide project invoice might look something like this:

Freelancer A: $XX
Freelancer B:
10%(A) + 10%(B) + $150/hr

I believe that clear, consistent pricing is a critical element of our partnership. I want to help you surpass your goals and build an incredible brand – making sure that you get everything you need and that you know exactly what you are paying for is part of how I help set you up for success.


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