The Roadmap

Let me help you draft your path to success.


In addition to the services included within Compass, the Roadmap option includes the development of a bespoke Scope of Work for your project.

To kick off your Roadmap, we will sit down for a collaborative session where I’ll help you define and refine your idea, strategy, design, and plan. I'll use my agency-side knowledge to help you build a detailed Scope of Work that outlines exactly what creative services you need in your contract.

This will help clarify the project for both you and your creative partners, ensuring that the process is streamlined and that no questions or expectations are lost in translation.

I'll then help you assemble your team (as your Compass), and negotiate the contract(s) to get you the most streamlined price possible on the Scope of Work that we built together. Then you two take it from there! You can also hire me for one-off sessions throughout the creative process.