The Guide

I lead you all the way to the promised land – a successfully completed project.


As your Guide, I will be your partner from the start to finish of your project. Not only will I function as your Compass and your Roadmap, I will join your team as an end-to-end strategic, creative and project management advisor; a kind of CMO-for-hire.

In this role, I will help you define your creative strategy and vision while managing all the moving pieces and people – from team assembly, to project design; from day-to-day management to delivery.

I'll be your teammate, bringing all peripheral costs into one consolidated Scope of Work and coordinating all the logistics at each stage.

This is a great option for projects with larger teams, bigger scopes, or multiple deliverables – though it is also perfect for smaller projects that need to move nimbly on a tight timeline and budget. You have a business to launch; I can contain the creative chaos as your on-demand CMO.