The Compass

Let me direct you to the right people to create your perfect team.


I work with you to understand your desired outcomes so that I can match you with the best talent to accomplish your goals.

After a 30-minute conversation where we discuss your budget and other important inputs, I’ll tap into my Bench database to determine which creatives, designers, or strategists are the right fit for your task. This process is personalized according to your company, goals, and cultural fit – whether you only need one partner or want to assemble a whole fleet.

You can be as hands on or off as you want in this procurement process, but once I make the introductions, you two (or few) take it from there.

You can also hire me for any one-off sessions to bounce things off me, or get some outside advice throughout your process with your chosen creative partner(s).


The Roadmap

Let me help you draft your path to success.


In addition to the services included within Compass, the Roadmap option includes the development of a bespoke Scope of Work for your project.

To kick off your Roadmap, we will sit down for a collaborative session where I’ll help you define and refine your idea, strategy, design, and plan. I'll use my agency-side knowledge to help you build a detailed Scope of Work that outlines exactly what creative services you need in your contract.

This will help clarify the project for both you and your creative partners, ensuring that the process is streamlined and that no questions or expectations are lost in translation.

I'll then help you assemble your team (as your Compass), and negotiate the contract(s) to get you the most streamlined price possible on the Scope of Work that we built together. Then you two take it from there! You can also hire me for one-off sessions throughout the creative process.


The Guide

I lead you all the way to the promised land – a successfully completed project.


As your Guide, I will be your partner from the start to finish of your project. Not only will I function as your Compass and your Roadmap, I will join your team as an end-to-end strategic, creative and project management advisor; a kind of CMO-for-hire.

In this role, I will help you define your creative strategy and vision while managing all the moving pieces and people – from team assembly, to project design; from day-to-day management to delivery.

I'll be your teammate, bringing all peripheral costs into one consolidated Scope of Work and coordinating all the logistics at each stage.

This is a great option for projects with larger teams, bigger scopes, or multiple deliverables – though it is also perfect for smaller projects that need to move nimbly on a tight timeline and budget. You have a business to launch; I can contain the creative chaos as your on-demand CMO.

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